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John prides himself on making a client thrilled with the sounds, textures, and parts on their record. John has a great deal of experience working via online session, and has never failed to please a client with the results. John was born and raised in Florence, AL and has been residing in Nashville since 2006.

He has had the pleasure of appearing and working with producers and artists such as J. Hall, Ashley Monroe, Josh Turner, Sarah Darling, Todd Snider, Kristen Kelly, Morgan Frazier, James Otto, and many more. His credits range from independent rock projects such as the Delta Saints' "Bird Called Angola" EP to Red Dirt Country such as Ryan Reid's "Shine", all the way to Ashley Monroe's critically acclaimed one take straight to acetate "Live at 3rd Man Records", as well as a bevy of Christian projects and mainstream Country demo work, along with production on a number of indie projects. John specializes in Slide guitar, Acoustic guitar, Contemporary and Traditional Country, Roots-y Rock, Telecaster, Blues and Worship, along with other strengths.

John is an experienced session player with countless studio hours under his belt, and a collection of gear to find the sounds you're looking for. John has everything at his disposal from vintage Fender and Marshall amps to an array of boutique and modern heads, along with extensive effects and a collection of 29 vintage and custom shop acoustic and electric guitars. It doesn't stop there, as John prides himself on capturing these sounds at their best, with a world class signal chain and mic closet feeding into Protools 12.

John's production and session experience means he can offer great instincts if you're searching for your sound, as well as follow instructions and absorb references well when given.
John offers a quick turnaround and a fully edited (if desired) set of guitar parts with as much or little input as you have to offer.


"Full package" (all guitars on a song, unlimited number of tracks):$100/song Acoustic guitar (max two doubled parts, max 4 tracks):$75/song Electric guitar (Max two doubled parts, max 4 tracks):$75/song Single acoustic pass to click (a la guitar/vocal):$65/song Single Lead part (solo, signature licks, etc): $75/song All prices include desired guitar tracks fully edited unless requested otherwise.  Prices also include one round of "Recalls", where any part can be recut for reasons of taste or new ideas, etc. Additional recalls past the first revision are at $25 per song per round. Discounts and day rates available for large (7+song) projects.
1936 Gibson L48 Archtop
1944 Gibson J-45
1953 Fender Telecaster
1954 Martin 00-18
1957 Les Paul Junior
1961 Fender Telecaster
1962 Silvertone 1446
1963 Gibson Les Paul/SG standard
1965 Gibson SG special
1967 Gibson ES-335
1969 Fender Telecaster
Danelectro Baritone
Danelectro 12-String
1957 American Vintage RI Stratocaster
Gibson Hound Dog spider cone resonator
2004 Bourgeois Vintage D
2004 Martin D-18 Golden Era
P/J Bass
Gibson Advanced Jumbo
Mario Martin T-Style
Gretsch 6120
Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Aged 57 Les Paul Reissue
B-Bender Telecaster
B-Bender acoustic guitar
Cordoba GK Pro gut string
Electric Sitar

1964 Fender Princeton
1965 Fender Tremolux
1968 Fender Bassman
DR. Z Carmen Ghia
Marshall 2061x HW
Mesa Heartbreaker
Carr Hammerhead
Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Mesa 2x12 3/4 back and 1x12 rectifier cabs





Country (both mainstream and traditional), Roots Rock, Slide guitar, Acoustic (fingerstyle and flatpicked), Americana, Worship

Up to 3 songs: 1-2 days, 3-10 songs: 2-4 days

Rush delivery (same day) is available upon request at a 25% upcharge.