Female Vocals / Topline / Songwriting | Geena Fontanella

Female Vocals / Topline / Songwriting | Geena Fontanella

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About Gig: 

By the time this project ends, you will have a full demo =) (Yay!) Here’s what I provide:  I will write all toplines: lyrics, melodies, etc. I will sing all main vocals, harmonies, ad libs, etc. All vocals will be edited, such as eq-ed, de-essed, tuned, etc; completely ready to be dropped into any mixing project. I also allow one free revision.   So excited to work together! Please contact me with any questions. *I also have pricing for demo vocals and songwriting only.

About Geena:

I’m an eclectic session singer and songwriter with 4 years of experience in studio sessions.

I specialize in all styles (except Screamo) and have a degree in vocal performance and composition.

I'm proficient in song/vocal arrangement, timbre flexibility, vocal pitch, and writing “catchy” melodic, rhythmic, and lyric songs.

Over the past 4 years, I have sung in 5 languages including, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. I am well-versed in Logic and can send projects anywhere electronically.

Pop, EDM, R&B, & Country




1-2 weeks



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