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I studied vocal performance at the University Of Colorado at Denver from '08-'12 while I was trying to make it big in the pop/punk scene, when that was cool. After freshmen year I was roped into joining an A Cappella group called MIX, (I was the redhead in the movie, Pitch Perfect, if she was bearded, and couldn't dance) we won a few competitions including SOJAM, BOSS, and got to the semi's in the ICCA's, if you even knew such things existed. I decided I wanted to write good songs and moved to Nashville where I flailed like an upturned turtle for a year and then started making songs people didn't seem to hate. I now do vocal features; top-line and demoing on the regular and I have done some production for a few artists around town along with collaborating on my own creative fronts as an artist with some notable locals. I spend my days trying to get my best work into the right ears and nights trying to keep up with my musical ambitions.

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Pop, Country, Rock, R&B

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