Topline | Becca Bradley

Topline | Becca Bradley

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Are you a killer "tracks guy" and need the perfect songwriter/lyricist to collab with?

I LOVE writing to pop tracks! Something about hearing the production on the front end inspires song ideas that I would probably never come up with if I were just hearing a guitar or piano. I have great ear for pop hooks and melodies, and consider myself to be a strong lyricist as well. I've been told I have a great tone for pop/electronic tracks, so would love to collab with some new folks in those genres!

My artist stuff can be found under "Becca Bradley" on all streaming platforms. All of the songs I've recorded and released are originals. My album, Heaven Come Down, has over 3 million collective streams. My songs have been featured on many large editorial playlists on all major streaming platforms. 'Queen of a Wasteland' and 'The Sun Will Rise Again' are a couple examples of 100% writes if you want to get an idea of my style.


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pop, Christian, indie, singer/songwriter, EDM

1-2 weeks



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